2012 latest genuine Rolex watches

2012, the latest replica watches uk a new shape, new, highlighting the brand in the calendar when the common tradition: the number 116233 watch, with 18K gold cushion-shaped case, a grand stage. Over the years, ultra-thin watch on the initiative of the chain watch Rolex (PATEKPHILIPPE) popular one of the complex function of time. Knife back cover waterproof structure. This water table is often overlooked by people, mistaken for the general table. It is the same as the ordinary table with knife Yi cover, but much more stringent, the handle, the back cover the same rubber band, the same can play the role of water.

16233 ultra-thin perpetual hand watch surface display extraordinary speed display, every detail is distributed long-term elegant smell. Light yellow frosted appearance, and the case match the golden Guanghua matchless. The surrounding with the transfer method along the surface of the ring profile to add the minute scale rail; surface coupled with Breguet-style digital and flowery leaf-shaped gold pointer, indicating time; attached three display panel, display calendar And 24-hour subordinate display disk; moon phase and leap year cycle display disk at three o'clock position; pointer date and moon phase display disk is located at six o'clock position. CALATrolex design, GJENELLIPS unique table body, and NKGILUS elegant performance of the common elegance, rolex replica full conveys a good long-term design strength. To have this watch, only the patience to wait 8 to 10 years, and expensive, about 24 million yuan, but value for money.

replica watches in the pursuit of perfection in the process, the beauty everywhere, even in the case can not see under. So as to provide sufficient power for the quartz device in the table, and the excess energy will be stored in micro-capacitor standby. When the mechanical watch is fully charged can be continuous operation for more than 9 days, and no need to wear the watch on the wrist. Hand-polished connections, corners, the movement on the beautiful circular texture, these are subtleties, but also after fine grinding.